Country-style fried potatoes with cauliflower


Today I wanted to cook a very tasty and simple dish. Country fried potatoes with cauliflower and eggs


Ingredients :

1 kg – Young potatoes
200 gr – Cauliflower
5 pieces – Egg
20 gr – Green onions
Black pepper to taste
Salt to taste
Spices to taste
60 ml – Vegetable oil

Method :

Young potatoes, wash well and do not peel, cut into slices. Scatter a little vegetable oil over the skillet


Fry the potatoes over low heat

Then place the lightly boiled cauliflower in the pan

Add salt and black pepper to the eggs

Beat the eggs with a fork

Chop the green onions

Mix in the green onions with the eggs

Pour the eggs into the pan, mix, and cook for another 5 minutes, covered

You can add chopped herbs when serving

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