dessert biscuit cake with vanilla cream



1.2 LM milk
3 packs of custard powder with vanilla flavor
150 grams of sugar
250 g butter
80 g milk powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
200 g white chocolate
500 g shortbread biscuits



warm milk with sugar, add pudding powder and bring to the boil as usual to form a thick pudding let it cool down slightly

Beat the butter with a hand mixer until foamy stir in milk well powder vanilla extract and melted white chocolate

When the mixture is well stirred stir in the slightly cooled vanilla pudding spoon by spoon

Line the baking pan with butter biscuits, spread 8 tablespoons of vanilla cream on top and cover with butter biscuits again.Repeat this step well until you have used all the ingredients

They are simple and very tasty cuts without baking, and nothing can go wrong with their preparation