New York Cheesecake



1 1/2 C. Graham Cracker Crumbs
1/4 C. Sugar
1/4 C. Butter (1/2 Stick- Melted)
Salt- Dash

4 8oz Blocks Of Cream Cheese (Softened)
2 C. Sour Cream (Room Temp)
4 Eggs (Room Temp)
1 1/4 C. Sugar
2 tsp. Vanilla
2 1/2 TBS. Cornstarch
Salt- Dash


Pre-heat oven to 320F.
Mix together the crushed up crumbs, sugar, and salt. Use whatever kind of cookies you prefer- I used regular graham crackers, you can use whatever sounds good. You could even use crushed up cereal, and kind of cookie, and butter crackers are also great if you wanna play on the salt and sweet combo.
Add the melted butter into the crust mixture
Lightly grease a springform pan (ideally I would put a round of parchment paper in the bottom of the pan but I ran out). Technically you don’t have to use parchment paper- it just makes it much easier to transfer from the pan to a serving plate. Also you do not have to use a springform pan- you can bake it in a deep round cake pan (or several ramekins and make different flavors).
Toss the crust mixture into the prepared pan and press the crust into the bottom of the pan. Use your hands or the bottom of a measuring cup works great.

Once the crust is pressed into the pan- set aside and prepare the filling.