Amazing Fish kebab with grilled vegetables


Today we are preparing a very tasty and original kebab of fish with grilled vegetables


Ingredients :

500 gr – Salmon fillet
500 gr – Zucchini
for decoration – Salad greens

Marinade :

1.5 tbsp – sugar
1 teaspoon – salt
3 tbsp – lemon juice
to taste – ground pepper
garlic – 1 clove small
1 teaspoon – black sesame
7 tbsp – raises oil
1/3 teaspoon – of sesame oil

Method :

Mix sugar, salt, ground pepper, and lemon juice, and add a clove of crushed garlic. Whisk thoroughly until the sugar and salt are completely dissolved. Then pour in vegetable and sesame oil, add black sesame seeds, and beat well again until smooth. Place a few tablespoons of the prepared marinade in a separate bowl to finalize the dish

Cut zucchini of small diameter into pieces about 1 cm

Place them in a container with the remaining marinade and leave for about 30 minutes

In the meantime, let’s fish. Cut the boneless salmon fillet into equal pieces, remove the skin, and cut into cubes slightly smaller than the diameter of the zucchini. Add them to the marinade, mix, and leave for another half an hour

Thread the kebab onto skewers, selecting pieces of the same size. Place on the grill and place under a grill preheated to 300 degrees for 5-7 minutes. Turn over once during frying

After a time, the zucchini should become softly crispy and the fish should be matte. The main thing is not to overcook, otherwise, the fish will become tough

Lay out the lettuce leaves, pour over the pre-set marinade, and garnish with lemon slices

Bon appetit

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