Juicy chicken skewers in the oven


A beautiful, juicy, and very tasty dish of chicken breast fillet. It’s simple and easy to prepare. Spices and sweet peppers give the kebabs an excellent taste and appearance. I season the breast with spices and garlic, put it on skewers, and quickly cook it in the oven. This is delicious


Ingredients :

450 gr – chicken breast fillet 2 pcs
2 – cloves garlic
1 – sweet pepper
3 tbsp – l. vegetable oil
1 tsp – with a heap of sweet paprika
3 – pinches ground coriander
ground pepper to taste
salt to taste

Method :

Cut off small fillets from pieces of chicken breast

Cut large fillets into long, not very wide strips. In total, we got 6 long strips and 4 short ones. We will place them on 3 wooden skewers

Place the fillet in a bowl, add salt (2 pinches), ground black pepper for spiciness, ground coriander for flavor, and sweet paprika for color

Cut the garlic cloves into thin slices, place them in a bowl, and pour in oil (2 tbsp)

Stir thoroughly, place a lid on it, and refrigerate for a minimum of one hour. Soak wooden skewers (3 pcs.) in water to prevent them from burning in the oven

Peel the sweet pepper from membranes and seeds, and cut it into not very large pieces. Salt, add oil (1/2 tbsp) and mix. I needed 27 pieces of pepper

Let’s start assembling the kebabs. We will collect the meat in a zigzag pattern. We pierce the fillet slice at the very beginning and attach a piece of pepper. We do not move the meat down, but leave it at the base of the skewer

Then we grab the fillet again, plant the pepper, and fillet again

Using this principle, add all the meat and pepper and get 3 kebabs

Grease the pan with the remaining oil (1/2 tbsp) and place the kebabs. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and bake for 20 minutes. After ten minutes, take it out and turn it over to the other side

20 minutes will be enough for the pepper to become soft and the fillet to be fully cooked and remain juicy

Immediately transfer the chicken skewers to a plate and serve. They turn out juicy, tender, and aromatic. Spices, garlic, and bell peppers give a wonderful taste

This is delicious

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