A very tender and tasty pie made from pumpkin and cottage cheese


The dough and pie filling are mixed in a matter of minutes. The dough does not contain any fermented milk products or milk, but it turns out very tender and tasty. After baking, the dough becomes like a well-soaked sponge cake. Plus the most delicate filling is from ordinary cottage cheese and the result is an incomparable pie. It is aromatic, tender, tasty, and very beautiful in cut


Ingredients :

2 – packs of cottage cheese
4 – chicken eggs
100 gr – butter
400 gr – pumpkin puree
170 gr – sugar + 6 tsp
130 gr – flour
3 tsp – decoys
1 tsp – baking powder
1 gr – vanillin 1 packet
1 – pinch of salt

Method :

I prepare pumpkin puree in advance. I have 2 quick ways. I boil the pumpkin cut into small pieces for 5 minutes in water or put it in a baking sleeve, pour in a little water (50-100 ml), and cook in the microwave for 7 minutes. Then I cool and grind with an immersion blender

For the dough, pour sugar (170 g) into a bowl, add melted butter, and mix with a mixer. Then break the eggs (2 pieces) and beat well

Spread pumpkin puree

Mix well with a mixer. Add salt, baking powder, and flour in small portions

Stir, add flour again, and see what kind of dough comes out. It should become tender, airy, and not too thick

Place cottage cheese in another bowl, add eggs (2 pcs.), semolina, sugar (6 tsp), and vanillin. Beat well with a mixer and the filling is ready. It doesn’t turn out too thick

You can use any baking pan, I have a round pan with a removable bottom and a diameter of 22 cm. We line the bottom with parchment and press it. Grease with oil and add half of the pumpkin dough

Then carefully distribute the curd filling on top with a tablespoon

Evenly distribute the remaining dough over the filling. Place the pie with cottage cheese in a preheated oven at 180 degrees and bake for 40-50 minutes

Check the pie for readiness with a wooden stick. It rises well when baked and settles when removed from the oven. Cracks form on the surface. The aroma is amazing

Cool the jellied pumpkin pie with curd filling and sprinkle with powdered sugar if desired

This is how beautiful it turns out. Both the taste and aroma of the pie are excellent. The filling and dough are incredibly tender. The dough is moist and looks like a well-soaked sponge cake

This is delicious

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