Amazing Donuts in the Oven Recipe


I want to indulge in donuts, but baking in oil is so harmful! I suggest you try baking donuts in the oven! Delicate, airy dough, chocolate glaze


Ingredients :

100 ml – milk
1 tbsp. l – sugar
1 tbsp. l – yeast

Dough :

250 gr – flour
1 pc – egg
30 gr – butter
60 gr – sugar
vanillin – to us the tip of a knife

For decoration :

50 gr – chocolate
30 ml – cream

Method :

In a deep container, mix the ingredients for the dough

Put a cloth over it and leave it for fifteen minutes

Add dough, eggs, sugar, and vanillin to the sifted flour. Stir lightly and add soft butter

On a work area, knead the dough for approximately five minutes

The dough turns out soft and elastic

Place in a warm place for one hour

After an hour, you can start forming donuts

Sprinkle the working surface with flour and roll out the dough to a thickness of 0.8 – 1 cm

Cut out the blanks and transfer them to a baking sheet

Let our future donuts rest for about 20 minutes

Bake donuts in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for 15 minutes

Remembering to navigate your oven

In the meantime, let’s prepare the glaze!

Heat the cream, and put chocolate pieces in it. We don’t wait much and then mix well

We dip our wonderful donuts one by one into the prepared glaze!

The donuts already look very appetizing, you can leave them as is, or you can decorate them with sprinkles!

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