Biscuit without baking


ingredients :

300 g – Cookies
300 g – Sour cream
100 g – Sugar
8 g – Vanilla sugar
50 g – Peeled nuts
Serving size: 6-8⠀

Method :

For cookies, you need the simplest shortbread. The fat content of sour cream also does not play a role, take any, I have 20% fat. 2. For the cream, mix sour cream with sugar and vanilla sugar. Now take a flat plate square or rectangular. Put the “first layers” of cookies on it. Lubricate it generously with cream. Next, come the layers again cookies cream biscuit cream, and so on until the products run out. I have two cookies left, how many cookies you have left – it doesn’t matter, take them and grind them in a mortar. Add peeled and chopped nuts there, they can be lightly fried in a dry frying pan. Sprinkle the cake generously and refrigerate for three to four hours, or better overnight. My cake‌ after 3 hours was already completely ready. Sweet and fluffy with the aroma of roasted nuts! Try it!