This simple healthy one-pot recipe that’s delicious!

ingredients :

chicken drumsticks – 4 pcs. (you can hips, breast)
onion – 1 pc
carrots – 1 pc
Bulgarian pepper – 1 pc
tomato – 1 pc
green peas – 1 jar
corn – 1 jar
garlic – 2 cloves
rice – 1 cup
water/broth – 1.5-2 cups
salt, spices – to taste
vegetable oil for frying

Method :

Catalan culinary technique for cooking chicken with rice and veggies.
Chicken should be defrosted and seasoned.
Chicken drumsticks are fried in hot vegetable oil until golden brown, then they are transferred to a dish and let to rest.
Gratify the carrots and finely slice the onion.
chop the pepper into cubes.
tomato, cut into little pieces.
Chop or crush the garlic into a fine paste.
Carrots and onions should be cooked in the same oil as the chicken until they are translucent. Then include the garlic, tomato, and pepper. For around 5 minutes, simmer all the veggies.
Add rice after adding water or broth to the veggies. Add salt and thoroughly combine. Boil. over medium heat, simmer