Quick pies with green onion and egg


The most delicate fragrant dough and delicious, juicy filling with a creamy aftertaste – this is an incredibly tasty and quick pastry, you will lick your fingers! I assure you, your family will definitely appreciate it – just like you because the fuss with the dough is minimized, and you won’t even get your hands dirty.

ingredients :

Dough :

300 ml – Kefir
1 tsp – Incomplete soda
1 tsp – Incomplete salt
Sugar – 1 tbsp. l.
500 gr – Flour

Filling :

5 pcs – Boiled eggs
150 gr – Green onion
Salt and pepper – to taste

Method :

Mix kefir with soda, leave for 10 minutes, add salt and sugar, and gradually flour.

Knead a soft dough.

Let rest while you prepare the filling.

Cut the onion, mash it with your hands, and add chopped eggs, salt, and pepper. Mix.

Divide the dough into pieces (I have 10 pieces), put the filling on each, pinch, and flatten. Fry in oil under a lid over medium heat.