Quick Soup With Sausages


ingredients :

4 pieces – Potatoes
1 piece – Carrots
1 piece – Bulb onion
2 tbsp – Vegetable oil
Salt – to taste
4 pieces – Sausages
Vermicelli – 1 handful
Green peas – 0.5 bans
Black pepper – to taste
Bay leaf – to taste
Greens – to taste
Water (or chicken broth) – 2 liters

Method :

Place chopped potatoes in boiling salted water. Cut the onions and carrots, and sauté in vegetable oil. Add chopped sausages to the sauté, and fry. Add a handful of thin vermicelli to the potatoes, and let it boil. Then add the sauté with sausages and green peas. Cook for a couple of minutes. Add bay leaf, and black pepper. Remove from heat after a minute.