Salad With Fresh Vegetables and Delicious Dressing


I was amazed at how such an ordinary salad with fresh vegetables can become delicious! It can be made so unusual and tasty by using a very interesting dressing of honey, mustard, vinegar, sunflower or olive oil, and garlic. This salad will also decorate your holiday table, among a large abundance of other holiday snacks and dishes


Ingredients :

1 pc – Tomato (large)
1 pc – Bell pepper (medium size)
2 pcs – Fresh cucumbers (small)
1 pc – Onions (preferably red)
1 can of canned corn
Salt, pepper – to taste

For refueling :

Oil grows. (or olive) – 3 tbsp. l.
2 cloves of garlic
1 tsp – Mustard
1 tsp – Vinegar
1 tsp – Honey

Method :

Wash all vegetables well. Peel the onion, remove the tail from the bell pepper, and remove the seeds

Cut the tomato into large cubes

Cut fresh cucumbers into thin slices

Cut the onion into thin strips

Cut the bell pepper into small strips

Drain all the liquid from the can of corn and add the corn to the salad bowl

Roughly tear the leaves of Iceberg or Chinese cabbage with your hands

Let’s make the dressing sauce :

Mix mustard, honey, vegetable oil, and vinegar in a bowl and squeeze out the garlic. Mix and season the salad with sauce

Add salt and pepper to taste, mix and the salad with fresh vegetables is ready

Bon appetit

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