Sea Bass in The Oven – an interesting Way To Prepare Fish

Sea bass

Minimum ingredients and is very tasty. Before baking, I cut the fish so that it looks like it is on a stand, and the finished product lies elegantly on the plate. This method is very simple and is suitable for small fish with or without a head. Sea bass turns out juicy, aromatic, very tasty, and without any marinades. Everything is very simple and tasty


Ingredients :

4 things – fish sea bass
1/2 pcs – lemon
12 sprigs thyme
3 tbsp. l – vegetable oil
ground pepper to taste
salt to taste

Method :

We clean the fish from scales and entrails (we leave the fins). My sea bass is quite large, so it makes 8 servings if served with a side dish

We place the fish with its dorsal fins facing us and make 4 cuts on it. We move the knife a little to the side

Turn over to the other side, and cut in the middle to the central bone, first move the knife to the right, slightly cutting the fillet from the bone, and then to the left

Salt all the fish, sprinkle with black pepper, pour a little lemon juice, and oil and distribute. We bend the cut fillet from the underside of the fish, set the fish, and it looks like it’s on a stand

Transfer the sea bass into a mold (you can grease it a little with oil), put thyme sprigs in the belly, and place in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes

Take out the finished fish, it smells wonderful

Place the baked sea bass on a large platter with lettuce, sprinkle with chopped parsley if desired, and serve. Due to the original cutting, the fish lies elegantly on the plate

It turns out beautiful, tasty, juicy and aromatic

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