Easter cake is incredibly delicious


I would like to offer a delicious time-tested Easter cake recipe


Ingredients :

Eggs – 2 pcs + 2 yolks
Sugar – 200 gr
Salt – a pinch
Butter – 150 gr
Liquid vanilla – 1 tsp or vanillin to taste
Raisins – 100 gr
Vodka – 1 tbsp. l
Milk – 270 ml
Dry yeast – 1 pack 8gr or raw yeast 25 gr
Flour -700-750 gr

Method :

For the dough, you will need milk 50-70 ml from the total amount, sugar 2 tbsp. spoons, yeast, and flour 1 tablespoon. I set it aside to rise and start preparing the dough. Add salt, sugar, and soft butter to eggs and yolks at room temperature, mix thoroughly, and then add vanilla extract and one tablespoon of vodka, then raisins and flour. I add the appropriate dough and carefully knead the dough with a spatula. The dough turns out quite sticky, as it should be. Then I cover the dough with cling film and a towel on top, and let it stand and rise for about 1.5 hours in a warm place

Then I grease my hands with vegetable oil to make it easier to work with the dough and place it in the molds. I fill out the forms with dough, less than half. I leave it on the counter and let the dough rise until it doubles in size

I put it in a well-heated oven at 200 degrees to bake. I bake small molds for 20-25 minutes, medium ones for 40, and large ones for 50-60 minutes. When a golden brown crust forms, I cover the top with baking paper to prevent the cakes from burning. I check the readiness with a wooden skewer; it should come out dry from the middle of the cake, without traces of raw dough. Place the finished cakes on a wire rack to cool sideways

Glaze :

Chocolate – 2 bars white or black
Cream – 40 ml of any fat content

I put the glaze in a water bath and covered the cakes with white or dark chocolate with the finished hot glaze. The glaze can be absolutely whatever you like. We like it with chocolate. And I sprinkle confectionery sprinkles on top of the icing

The Easter cakes turn out delicious, and the vodka makes them incredibly soft. I have been using this recipe for a very long time because we like it

From these ingredients, I get 4 large Easter cakes. And if you need more, then multiply these ingredients by 2

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