Amazing Fruit Salad to Die For


This is a recipe you should preserve and use frequently. a delicious fruit salad. That’s just my opinion, so don’t accept anything at face value. Make it yourself, and you’ll be completely persuaded. It assembles quickly and tastes fantastic


Ingredients :

1 can(s)mandarin oranges, drained
1 can(s)pineapple chunks, in their juice
1 bunch of green grapes, halved
1 pkg strawberries, sliced however you want
1 small box of Jell-O brand vanilla instant pudding
you are free to substitute any other fruits you choose for these

Method :

Place the pineapple in a dish along with the juice. When creamy, add the pudding mix and stir. The DRAINED mandarin oranges are then added

When the mixture is creamy and well incorporated, add more fruit

The salad has to be chilled for a bit in the refrigerator

Bananas will rot if you leave them out for too long. This can also be served immediately after preparation without cooling. Personally, I think it tastes better cold

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