Best Chicken Skewers With Potatoes in The Oven


Chicken skewers with potatoes in the oven is my signature dish, I cook for all family holidays. Easy to prepare and very tasty. Try it!


ingredients :

1.5 kg – Chicken fillet from the thigh
7 pcs – potatoes
4 pcs – Onion
Salt to taste
Black pepper ground, to taste
Table vinegar (9%) – 50 ml

Method :

Cut the chicken fillet into small pieces, and put them in a bowl. Add pepper, salt, onion sliced ​​rings, and vinegar. Stir and leave the meat to marinate for about 1-2 hours

We clean the raw potatoes, cut them into rings, and put them on a baking sheet. We string the pickled meat on wooden skewers, alternating with onion rings

Put the kebabs on a baking sheet, on a layer of potatoes. We put the baking sheet in a preheated oven for 35 minutes. The kebabs must be gently flipped over once the upper portion of them has been cooked to ensure that the meat is reddish on both sides. The potato is soaked in juice from the meat and it turns out very tasty

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