The Best Salad With Chicken and Orange. Quick salad


Today I want to share a salad recipe with chicken and oranges that I came up with from what was in the refrigerator and is suitable for those who are on a diet and not so much


ingredients :

300 gr – Chicken breast
Big orange
bell pepper
Curd cheese or feta cheese
Nuts to taste
Seasonings to taste

Dressing ingredients :

30 gr – Olive oil
30 gr – Lemon juice
Salt pepper
1/3 – Orange

Method :

I did not marinate the chicken in advance, you can marinate it if you prefer. Salt and pepper the chicken and add seasonings to taste, I added paprika and thyme. Fry the chicken in a dry frying pan or brush with a drop of oil. 5-7 minutes on each side

I also added chopped bell peppers to the same frying pan and fried them a little to make them softer

While the chicken and peppers are fried, make the dressing

Mix olive oil, and lemon juice, squeeze 1/3 of an orange, 2 teaspoons of French mustard, salt, and pepper. I got 60-70 grams of dressing for 2 servings

Chop the nuts a little, rinse and dry the salad, and cut the oranges into cubes

Now let’s put everything together. I laid out the salad in portions at once

Place the salad on a plate, I mixed arugula and iceberg myself (you can buy ready-made salad in the store)

Next, lay out the chicken, bell pepper, and orange. I added regular curd cheese, but if you like feta cheese, it’s better to add it. We dress the salad and decorate it with nuts and, if desired, add your favorite cheese, preferably Parmesan, but not necessary

Making the salad is simple and quick! Most importantly, it is satisfying but does not leave a heaviness in the stomach

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