Boats With Chicken, It’s carefree to make and quite tasty


ingredients :

5 pcs – Potato
2 pcs – Chicken breasts
1 pc – Zucchini
2 pcs – Sweet pepper
150 g – Grated cheese
Salt, and pepper to taste

Method :

Cut the potatoes into slices and boil them until they are half-cooked. Drain the water, Peel. the zucchini from the skin (if the zucchini is young, then can be with the skin), cut it into circles and lightly fry it in vegetable oil. Remove the oil by wiping it off with a paper towel. Peel the pepper, cut it into cubes, and lightly fry. the chicken, cut into small cubes, and lightly fry. From the foil to make boats. Assemble the dish: grease the boats with vegetable oil. Put the potatoes in the first layer, then the zucchini, pepper, and chicken, and sprinkle generously with cheese on top. We put it in a preheated oven to 200 degrees for 25 minutes.

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