Charlotte with sour cream


A fragrant fruit pie for tea, what could be better? Charlotte is rightfully considered one of the best desserts that is easy and quick to prepare

cake and juicy apples make the dish tender and sweet. The Charlotte recipe is very variable, it’s easy to customize it to suit yourself. A popular recipe is with sour cream, which makes the sponge cake especially soft


Ingredients :

4 pcs – medium soft apples
2 pcs – chicken eggs
sour cream 2.5 – 3% fat – 250 ml
100 gr – granulated sugar
A tiny bit of butter is used to grease the pan
300 gr – wheat flour
0.5 tsp – slaked soda or baking powder

Method :

In a deep bowl, combine 2 chicken eggs and sugar. Beat the mixture into a light foam with a whisk, mixer, or blender. It is better to take eggs at room temperature, so the sugar will dissolve faster. There is no need to achieve standing peaks, just dissolving the sugar is enough

Add sour cream to the sugar-egg mixture and mix thoroughly. Sour cream will add tenderness to the biscuit and soften the pronounced sweetness of the apples

Next, add the sifted wheat flour and mix. It is important to sift the flour in advance, so it will be saturated with oxygen and the mixture will be airy

The dough should be liquid, similar to pancake dough, but slightly more viscous. If the sour cream is runny, you can slightly increase the amount of flour so that the biscuit is completely baked

Remove peels and entrails from pre-washed apples. Cut randomly into small flat pieces, approximately 3-4 cm long. You can take soft and wilting apples

Grease the bottom of the baking dish with oil or place baking paper on it. Place half of the prepared apples evenly on top. If the apples are hard and unsweetened, then the layer can be additionally sprinkled with a tablespoon of sugar

Pour half the dough, distribute evenly

Cover the dough with the remaining apples, sprinkle with sugar if necessary, and pour out the remaining dough. You should have 2 tiers of apples separated by biscuit

The oven must be preheated to 180 °C. Place the pan and bake for 40 minutes on the middle shelf. If the pan starts to burn on the bottom, you can place a metal bowl of water underneath

After the time has passed, check the readiness with a toothpick; if the dough does not stick, you can remove it

The charlotte must be removed from the mold and allowed to cool for 20 minutes at room temperature. If you cut the cake right away, it will crumble a lot and lose its shape

Serve the chilled pie with tea or coffee after cutting it into slices

Note :

Charlotte is equally tasty both cooled and warmed up. It holds up well to storage in the refrigerator and heating in the microwave. When serving, you can sprinkle with additional powdered sugar. So in just 1.5 hours, you get a delicious and nutritious dessert


Tastier and simpler than the banal Charlotte

Apple pie

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