Best Toast with avocado and white flax


Sometimes you want variety in your breakfast, then the boring cereals are replaced by various sandwiches. Here is one such example: toast with avocado, cream cheese, balsamic, and white flax seed. Oh, and don’t forget to soft-boil the eggs or poach an egg for this toast


Ingredients :

2 pieces – toast bread (I have sliced ​​Borodino bread)
1 pc – ripe avocado
30-50 gr – curd cheese
2 tbsp – balsamic sauce
1 tbsp – flax seed

Method :

Lightly fry the bread in a dry frying pan or on the grill for a couple of minutes until it smells sweet

Spread cottage cheese on warm toast

Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, cut it into thin slices crosswise, and use a spoon to scoop out the entire half onto toast with cheese

Drizzle with balsamic sauce not to be confused with vinegar

Sprinkle sesame seeds and serve

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