Strawberry dessert cake without baking, very tasty


I would like to offer a strawberry recipe, the most delicate cake with strawberries, without baking! We make it many times every summer!

It just melts in your mouth! Many people know this recipe, but I think it wouldn’t hurt to remind you again. It only takes 15 minutes to prepare. Fast, tasty, and without having to stand in the oven


Ingredients :

Anniversary cookies (or any) – 400 gr
Fresh strawberries – 400 gr
Cream 33% – 300 g or thick sour cream
Vanilla – to taste
Powdered sugar – 160-170 gr of sugar
Creamy curd cheese – 150 gr

Method :

Mix the cream with curd cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla, and beat until stiff. The cream is ready!

I grease the bottom of the mold with a little cream and lay out the cookies, then I grease it generously with cream and spread the strawberries, then we do the same for the next layers

I have 3 layers. Top – cream, strawberries, and sprinkled with some nuts

You can optionally sprinkle with chopped nuts, or chocolate, as you like. Cover with cling film and put in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours to soak. And you can treat yourself!

It’s berry season and I want some freshness. It turns out to be the most delicate, very tasty dessert. In the summer I try it with different berries. Always tasty and summery, time-saving!

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