Best Cottage Cheese Casserole With Apples


This is a delicious, aromatic, and incredibly quick cheese casserole dish with apples made from a small amount of ingredients. It takes about 10 minutes to prepare, and it takes no more than 7 minutes to cook. The result is soft, juicy apples with a delicate curd filling inside. And they smell simply amazing. It can be served for dessert or lunch. The dish can be called baked apples with cheese, but I call it apple cheese casserole, since the cheese filling is larger than the apple, and it determines the taste of the dish


Ingredients :

3 apples large
1 pack of cottage cheese 9% 180 gr
1 chicken egg
1 tsp. with a slide of semolina

Method :

For cooking, I use cottage cheese in a pack. Place it in a bowl, add egg, sugar and semolina

Mix well and the curd filling is ready

You can take apples of any variety and size, but the cooking time will depend on this. The softer the apples, the faster they will cook. I have large, rather hard apples

Cut off the caps of the apples from the stem side. We make sure that the apples stand as straight as possible; you can trim the protruding parts on the bottom side a little more

First, use a knife to cut out a small part of the core, then use a teaspoon to carefully remove the seeds with hard membranes and the pulp. Remove as much pulp as possible so that a lot of filling can fit

Pierce the apples in a circle with a toothpick 6-7 punctures each. Fill them with the curd mixture, place them on a plate, and pour 1 tbsp into the bottom. a spoonful of water and put it in the microwave (750 W). First, cook for 5 minutes and check. If the apples are soft, the dish is ready. If they are still hard, add another 2 minutes. The time depends on the apples since the filling itself is prepared in 4 minutes

During cooking, the curd mass will rise a little and come out a little. There’ll be some liquid on the plate’s bottom. Transfer the finished apples with cottage cheese or cottage cheese casserole with apples to another plate, cool slightly, and serve immediately. The apples turn out juicy, soft, and aromatic, and the casserole itself is very, very tender. The dish is moderately sweet and very tasty

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