stuffed peppers – It is easy to cook and the result is good


ingredients :

4 peppers
Oil, for frying
500 g minced meat, mixed
1-meter large onion(s), diced
1 tsp mustard
1 clove garlic, pressed
1 egg(s), organic
2 tbsp breadcrumbs
1 tbsp herbs, (parsley + marjoram), finely chopped
2 tbsp pine nuts, roasted
1 tsp chili powder or paprika powder
salt and pepper
For the sauce:
1 clove/s garlic, pressed
1-meter large onion(s), diced
2 tbsp tomato paste
1 sprig/s thyme
350 ml vegetable stock

sugar :
4 port. Rice as an accompaniment

Method :

Decapitate the peppers and remove the core. lift the lid!
Mix the ground beef in a bowl with the diced onion, garlic, mustard, egg, breadcrumbs, herbs, pine nuts, chilli or paprika powder, and plenty of salt and pepper. Then fill the mixture into the peppers, the minced meat may protrude slightly from the peppers. If there is any leftover mass, form small meatballs from it and prepare them as well.
Fry the stuffed peppers all over in oil in a roasting pan or high pan. Remove from the roaster and allow the diced onions to color in the sauce. Add the garlic, thyme, a pinch of sugar, and tomato paste, roast briefly, and then fill up with the broth. Season with salt and pepper, bring to a boil, and add the peppers and lid back in.
Let the whole thing cook in the oven at 160°C for a good 30 minutes, alternatively, this can of course also be done on the stove.
With this short cooking time, the peppers retain a light bite, but if you prefer them cooked through, let them simmer for another 20 minutes.
Serving: Put some rice in the middle of a plate, put a stuffed pepper on top, put the lid on the side, and pour on some sauce.