Amazingly delicious pie- very tasty!


ingredients :


eggs – 3 pcs.
Sour cream 15-20% fat – 200 g
Flour – 150 g
Baking powder – 7 g
Salt – 1 tsp without a slide


Minced meat – 500 g
Onion – 1 pc.
Spices to taste (pepper, curry, paprika, salt)
Green onions – small bunch
Mozzarella cheese – 200 gr. (any hard one can be)


For the filling, cut one onion into small cubes and fry it in vegetable oil. Then add 500 g of minced meat, minced meat will suit any to your taste. Fry, salt and add spices to taste. We fry until cooked and cool.

Grate the cheese on a coarse grater.

Finely chop a small bunch of green onions, I have about 50 grams.

Break three eggs into a bowl. Beat with a mixer at low speed, about one minute. If you don’t have a mixer, you can use a whisk.

Then add sour cream and salt, and mix with a mixer.

Add flour and baking powder. Mix with a mixer until smooth.

Pour half of the dough into the mold. I have a silicone form with a width of 24 cm ..

We spread the minced meat on the dough and spread it over the entire surface of the dough. The next layer is green onions.

Approximately 150 g of hard cheese.

Pour the rest of the dough on top and sprinkle with cheese. Heat at 180 degrees on a preheated stove for around 30 minutes.

Cool the finished cake in the form for about 5 minutes, and then serve it to the table.

This recipe is so simple that even a novice hostess can handle it. The pie is delicious both hot and cold, I’m sure you will want to cook it more than once.