Appetizer of Shrimp And Pineapple Recipe


The preparation requires a minimum of ingredients, but they combine so well with each other that you end up with a juicy snack with excellent taste. And it cooks quickly since there is no need to fry or boil anything. I don’t buy expensive shrimp, the smallest ones are fine. Pineapple gives juiciness and light sweetness, shrimp has a delicate pleasant taste, and all this is united by a mixture that is prepared from several products in a matter of minutes. This is an interesting, beautiful, and very tasty appetizer for the holiday table


Ingredients :

5 – pineapple rings (canned)
40 – small shrimps
60 gr – semi-hard cheese
1 – clove of garlic
2 tbsp – l. mayonnaise

Method :

Remove the pineapple rings from the jar and place them on paper towels, covering the top with towels as well

Pour boiling water over boiled frozen small shrimp and leave for 5-7 minutes

Grate cheese (50 g, leaving 10 g for decoration) and garlic into a bowl. We do not add a lot of garlic; the mixture should have a light garlic taste

Add everything with mayonnaise (can be replaced with sour cream or in a 50/50 ratio) and mix well

Clean the shrimp

Cut the pineapple rings into 4 parts and place them on a plate. It turns out 20 blanks

Add the cheese mixture on top

Place shrimp in the mixture (2 pieces each)

Finely grate the remaining cheese and place it on the shrimp using the tip of a small knife (creates a delicate appearance). The pineapple and shrimp appetizer is ready. Juicy sweet pineapple, tender shrimp, a smooth mixture with a creamy and light garlic flavor

it’s incredibly delicious

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