ingredients :


6 – eggs
200 gr – sugar
200 gr – flour
1 pack – of baking powder
3 table. spoons – cocoa
3 table. spoons – subs. oils
3 table. spoons – milk


100 gr – water
100 gr – milk
1 teaspoon. spoon – instant coffee
1 teaspoon – cognac
1 teaspoon – of sugar


2 pcs. – boiled
condensed milk 200 gr – butter
And 1 pack of coffee 3 in 1 or cappuccino powder.

Method :

Whisk the whites with sugar to white peaks, then add the yolks one at a time.

Add flour sifted with cocoa and baking powder and mix it all thoroughly.

Then milk and vegetable oil.

Cover the bottom of the form with parchment paper, lay out the dough, and bake at 180 g for about 20 – 30 minutes. A wooden skewer can be used to determine readiness.

After our cake is baked, you need to leave it to cool completely, and only then cut it into 2 or 3 equal parts

Meanwhile, while the cakes are cooling, prepare the cream and syrup. For the milking syrup, simply mix all the ingredients. And for the cream, beat room temperature butter to soft peaks, gradually adding condensed milk and cappuccino powder, and beat until fluffy peaks.

Soak each cake with syrup. Then smear with cream and sprinkle the last cake with cocoa, cream, and then cocoa.

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