Cake made of chocolate pancakes and sour cream


The cake contains very delicate chocolate pancakes, delicious sour cream, and berries

I offer an interesting recipe for pancake cake. The cake is prepared perfectly but not difficult


Ingredients :

For the chocolate pancakes :

500 ml – milk
240 gr – flour
120 gr – powdered sugar
2 – medium eggs
40 gr – cocoa powder
50 gr – butter
a pinch of salt
1 tbsp – spoon of cognac (optional)
vanilla sugar packet

For cream :

660 gr – sour cream 20% fat
20 gr – gelatin
150 ml – milk
100 gr – powdered sugar
vanilla sugar packet
berries or fruits to taste
grated chocolate for cake decoration

Method :

Mix all dry ingredients and then sift

In a bowl, lightly beat the eggs, pour in milk, melted butter, and cognac, add vanilla sugar, and stir everything well. Add the prepared flour mixture, stir and our dough is ready. The result is a thin pancake dough

Before baking, let the dough rest for 20-30 minutes

Grease the pan only before baking the first pancake. But here a lot will depend on the frying pan itself, so try it. If you suddenly have problems with turning the pancakes, if the dough sticks, then grease the frying pan in the usual way. I’m used to grease the pan with a piece of lard

We bake pancakes as usual. Pour some pancake batter into a hot frying pan and spread it into a thin, even layer

I baked 10 pancakes with a diameter of 20 cm using half the ingredients

For the filling we will need any berries and fruits, canned or fresh, everything according to availability and taste. This time I have strawberries, black currants, and cranberries. All my berries are from the freezer. There is no need to defrost the berries first; in this frozen form we will add them to the cream

I will assemble the cake in a pastry ring. I set the diameter to 22 cm. Place the ring on a serving plate and put it in the refrigerator. Both the ring and the plate should be very cold when the cake is assembled so that the cream does not leak out of the mold

Now let’s make the cream. Soak the gelatin in cold milk and leave to swell for 10-15 minutes

Place sour cream in a bowl, add powdered sugar and a bag of vanilla sugar, and simply stir until the sugar dissolves. Gently heat the swollen gelatin until completely dissolved and pour it into the sour cream and sugar. Stir and our cream is ready

You can assemble a cake in completely different ways. You can collect it in the usual way – in layers, but I suggest collecting it differently

Place each pancake in a deep plate or small bowl

Place 2-3 tablespoons of sour cream inside the pancakes, and put berries here. In this way, we prepare 7-9 pancakes

Because we used frozen berries, the cream in the pancakes immediately begins to thicken and set

From the refrigerator, we take out a serving plate with a mold, put a whole pancake on the bottom of the mold, grease it with sour cream

We collect pancakes with cream in the form of bags. Dip the bottom of the bag into sour cream and place tightly in the mold

Spread all the remaining sour cream on top

Place the assembled cake in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours so that the sour cream completely hardens

When the cream has hardened, take out the cake, remove the mold, and decorate with grated chocolate. I sprinkled it with raspberry straws. Alternatively, the cake can be filled with chocolate glaze

The cake turns out to be incredibly tender and very beautiful when cut. Moreover, the cut will always be different

Bon appetit

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