Egg breakfast in 3 minutes without frying


In this way, breakfast can be prepared only from eggs, and eggs can also be supplemented with various vegetables, cheese, sausages, prepared meat or fish. Plus a variety of herbs, and spices, and every morning (for 2 weeks for sure) you will have a different breakfast to your taste. And it takes no more than 3 minutes to prepare. Today I’m preparing a quick breakfast of eggs with tomato, ham, and dill. The eggs and ham make it filling, the tomatoes are juicy, and the dill adds a pleasant taste and aroma


Ingredients :

2 – chicken eggs
40 gr – ham
3 – sprigs of dill
1/2 – tomato small
ground pepper to taste
1/3 tsp – vegetable oil
salt to taste

Method :

For cooking you can use a large cup or a small deep bowl (I cook in a bowl). Grease a bowl with oil and break the eggs

Cut the ham and half the tomato into cubes, finely dill, and place everything in a bowl with eggs. Leave a little dill for serving

Sprinkle with salt, and black pepper and mix well with a fork. You may season it to your liking with any spices Place in the microwave (power 800 W) and cook for 1.5 minutes

Take out the bowl with the omelet. The edges of the omelet will be ready, but not the middle. Mix it well again and put it back in the microwave for 1.5 minutes

In 3 minutes, the eggs will be fully cooked and the tomato cubes will be soft

Sprinkle the finished omelet with the remaining dill and serve immediately

The omelet turns out fluffy, tender, very juicy, and tasty. There are many options for preparing it. Cheese, juicy vegetables, and sausages, prepared meat, and fish are perfect

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