How to prepare a delicious poppy seed filling for cakes and pies


Poppy filling is one of the most popular and beloved by many housewives, but you need to know how to prepare it so that there is no excess moisture in the filling and most importantly, so that the poppy seed does not squeak on your teeth. Today I’ll tell you how I make a delicious and juicy poppy seed filling


Ingredients :

100 gr – Poppy seed
100 gr – sugar
1 pc – egg

Method :


Wash 100 g of poppy seeds well and pour boiling water over them. Stir, cover the bowl with a lid or plate, and leave for at least an hour.

I leave it until the water cools down.

Next, drain the water from the poppy seeds through a fine sieve, pour into a bowl, add 100 g of sugar to it, and beat in 1 egg. Grind the poppy seeds with an immersion blender.

Do it as you please, but you must do it because :

whole poppy seeds are not digestible in our body

filling with ground poppy seeds is juicier and more aromatic

Also, don’t forget to put an egg in the filling

It can be replaced with any thick jam or marmalade. I like the option with jam
What is this for

For the poppy seed filling to bind into one whole and not fall apart when slicing

You can prepare the poppy seed filling in advance and store it in the refrigerator

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