Lightly salted crispy cucumbers – without the brine and extra hassle


Today I offer a recipe for lightly salted cucumbers – without brine and unnecessary hassle, always crispy and very tasty, with the aroma of dill and garlic. It tastes best with new potatoes


ingredients :

1 kg – cucumbers
2 tbsp – salt
3-4 pcs – dill (umbrellas)
3-4 cloves – fresh garlic

Method :

Take 1 kg of cucumbers, cut off the tails, and cut each in half

You also need young garlic, 3-4 cloves will be enough. Be sure to press the garlic with a knife so that it gives out as much of its flavor as possible

We put dill in lightly salted cucumbers, I take umbrellas. I cut it in half so that the dill fits into the bag

Pour 1 -2 tbsp into a plate or container. salt. Now all the ingredients are prepared. I make lightly salted cucumbers in a ziplock bag; in principle, a regular bag will do

So, rub each cucumber half with salt and put it in a bag

We also send dill and garlic here. Close the bag and shake well. In this form, place the cucumbers in a bag in the refrigerator overnight

And in the morning the cucumbers are ready. Look how beautiful they are, emerald color! During the night, enough juice was released, in which the cucumbers were pickled

I like them on the first day, with such a light taste, lightly salted, but if you leave them in the same bag, then every day the cucumbers will be saltier and acquire a richer taste. Whatever you like, I’ve been using this recipe for many years, that’s what my grandmother taught me. They turn out crispy, have a beautiful, uniform color, and with new potatoes

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