ingredients :

for 4 kg of cucumbers (it is better to take not very large ones, it will be tastier)
250 g of vegetable oil (1 cup + 1 tablespoon);
2 tablespoons of garlic (passed through a press or finely grated);
250 g of table vinegar 6% (1 cup);
100 g of salt (3 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon);
250 g sugar (1 glass + 1 tablespoon) ;
1 bag of ground black pepper;
A pinch of coriander.

Method :

How to close a cucumber salad with coriander

Cucumbers are cut into slices (cutting off the tips), and small ones can simply be cut in half.

Put in a finished bowl or dish and add a wide range of various fixings. Blend well and leave to marinate for 3 hours.

Mix once in a while so the cucumber cuts are uniformly immersed with the delivered juice. Transfer the cucumber salad to prepared clean jars.

Cover with boiled lids.

Sterilize for 10 minutes (put the jars in a pot of water, where a cloth lies at the bottom for stability, the water should reach the shoulders of the jars).

Roll up the sterilized cucumber salad, cool it, and send it for storage!

How to dilute vinegar essence

Proportions for obtaining table 6% vinegar from vinegar essence 70% per 1 tablespoon of essence 70% – 11 tablespoons of boiled water.

If you were looking for how to dilute the essence to get 9% vinegar for another recipe, take 1 tablespoon of essence to 7 tablespoons of water.