Pie with jam and nuts


I want to share a recipe for a very tasty pie with jam and nuts


Ingredients :

200 ml – Any jam
1 tsp – Soda
300 ml – Kefir
2 pcs – Eggs
4 tbsp – Sugar
1 pack of vanillin
250 gr – Flour
200 gr – Roasted peanuts

Method :

First, you need to combine the jam and soda and mix thoroughly. Then beat the eggs with sugar and vanilla. Add kefir, then oil. Then add sifted flour portions. Mix everything thoroughly, and add jam and soda to the resulting mixture. Chop the nuts a little and add to the dough. Grease the mold with butter, then pour the dough into it. Place the pie in an oven preheated to 160 C, to bake for

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