The most delicious cake in 20 minutes-Shortbread dessert with jam

Shortbread dessert with jam

Shortbread dessert with jam


Ingredients :

wheat flour of the highest grade – 280 gr
butter – 150 gr
Sugar – 70 gr
Vanilla sugar – 8 gr
Chicken egg – 1 pc
a pinch of salt baking powder – 1 tsp
apple jam – 300 gr

Method :

1. First, sift all the flour necessary for the recipe. Pour baking powder into it. Stir so that it is well distributed in it. Put soft butter in a mixer bowl (take it out of the refrigerator in a couple of hours and put it on the table). Add a pinch of salt and vanilla sugar.

2. Pour sugar in several steps. Using a mixer, beat everything until white and fluffy, for at least 5 minutes.

3. Next, add 1 medium-sized chicken egg.

4. We will beat for a couple more minutes until smooth and uniform.

5. Pour the sifted wheat flour mixed with baking powder and quickly knead the dough with a spatula. It doesn’t take long to do this. As soon as the dry flour has disappeared, we stop kneading.

6. It turns out soft, tender, and not sticky at all. You can not cool such a dough but work with it immediately. Carry out the mixture into a square shape, around 1 cm thick.

7. We transfer the workpiece to a baking sheet and bake the cake in an oven preheated to 230 degrees for about 10-12 minutes. Focus on your oven. At the same time, the cake should not brown too much.

8. Carefully, so as not to break, remove the finished sand cake from the baking sheet on a flat surface. Then, using a ruler and a sharp knife, cut it in half. We also trim the edges. We shift all the trimmings into a separate bowl, and when they cool down, grind them with a blender into small crumbs. Lubricate one blank with half of the apple jam.

9. Put the second cake on top of the jam. We also evenly grease the second half of the jam, cut it in half again put it together, and sprinkle with prepared crumbs on top.

10. Everything is ready! Immediately cut the cake into strips and serve. I got a lot of cakes.

11. Very tender, crumbly shortbread dough and fragrant apple jam – it’s very tasty. Be sure to try cooking!