Berry candy, Simply and easily


Berry candy. This recipe helped me unload the freezer of frozen berries. The consistency is like bird’s milk. They are prepared very simply, frozen and fresh berries are suitable, you can use fruits or pumpkin, for example. You can pour chocolate, roll in cocoa, or coconut.

ingredients :

250 gr – Berries
100 gr – Sugar
Lemon juice -1 tbsp
Instant gelatin – 20 gr

Method :

And so we get started. We take 250 grams of any fresh or frozen berries, I have strawberries today, let them melt and pierce them with a blender until smooth. If the bones interfere, you can pass the mass through a sieve. In strawberries, they don’t bother me, I’ll leave it like that.

Now add 100 grams of sugar, if the berries are sour, you can add more sugar, add 1 tbsp. lemon juice. Add instant gelatin 1 pack weighing 20 gr. If you’re going to add regular gelatin, soak it in water beforehand.

We pierce with a blender, pour it into a refractory dish, and put it in a water bath, stirring constantly, wait for the gelatin and sugar to dissolve, but in no case do not bring it to a boil so that the gelatin does not lose its properties. Up to about 80 degrees.

Remove from heat and let cool until slightly warm, the temperature is about 30 degrees.

During this time, prepare the form, and cover it with cling film. The mass has already cooled down, we begin to beat with a mixer. After 2-3 minutes, the mass will begin to lighten and increase in volume.

Beat until firm peaks. It takes me 10 minutes for me. Everything is dependent on the mixer’s power. The mass should become airy and greatly increase in volume. We put the mass in the prepared form, level it, and put it in the refrigerator until it hardens for about 1 hour.

Now we take it out and cut it into portioned slices, pour it over with melted chocolate, or roll in cocoa or powdered sugar, if you roll in powdered sugar, add corn starch to it so that it does not melt on sweets.