caramel candy – a quick and easy recipe


Light, airy caramel candy can be made without an oven. And it turns out exactly how sweets are served in the best restaurants

This cake is made with the simplest ingredients. Condensed milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla essence, water, regular bread – nothing else is needed. Dissolve the caramel sauce from sugar and water.

It is poured into pre-prepared molds. It is more convenient to take small ceramic bowls. Cut the bread into clean slices and grind in a blender with condensed milk and water.

Vanilla essence and a couple of eggs are also added there. The resulting homogeneous mass is poured into the same molds where the caramel has already softened. They are covered with tin foil, put in a pan filled with water and cooked under the lid for 25 minutes.

Now let the candy cool slightly. Remove it from the mold on a plate, and pour the caramel on top.