Chicken breast with mushrooms spinach and cheese

Chicken breast

Is it possible to make dinner nutritious and dietary at the same time?

Imagine tender chicken breasts baked with cheese and seasoned with delicious tomatoes. Looks delicious? It tastes better!

Today I will teach you how to prepare this wonderful dish. And how to get the perfect cheese crust. Everything is done very simply if you know a few secrets


ingredients :

600-700 gr – chicken fillet
200-300 gr – mushrooms
1 bunch – spinach (fresh)
3 pieces – eggs
200 gr of sour cream with any amount of fat
1 piece – tomato
Salt and black pepper
100-150 gr – cheese

Method :

Cut the chicken breast fillet into small pieces. Transfer to a baking dish. Carefully distribute the product so that the pieces are even

Wash the mushrooms, dry them, and cut them. For this dish, I prefer to use champignons, but if desired, they can be replaced with anything else

Cut the mushrooms into slices or thin pieces. Place it in a bowl with the chicken slices. Carefully spread the second layer

Wash and cut the vegetables. Prepare fresh spinach and chop the whole bunch – cut the stems as small as possible and the leaves as large as possible

Arrange the greens in a third layer over the mushrooms

Break 3 chicken eggs into a deep dish. Add salt (about 1 teaspoon) and black pepper. If desired, you can add a little dried chili pepper or paprika

Beat the eggs well with a fork until a little foam appears. Then add 200 gr of sour cream and beat with a fork again

The secret: if you do this procedure with a blender or immersion blender, the dish will turn out more tender

When the sour cream sauce is ready, pour it into the baking pan. Add the sauce until it is evenly distributed

Wash a ripe tomato and cut it into thin rings. Arrange the rings over the spinach

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