Classic pancake recipe


If you want to please your loved ones with an amazing breakfast that won’t take much time to prepare, the ideal choice is a recipe for classic pancakes

For this dish, we will need such products as traditional potatoes (5-6 pieces in total), onions, and the egg and flour will provide the necessary consistency and prevent the potato pancakes from falling apart. You also need to prepare spices (your favorite ones, of course) and salt in advance. For frying, you can use sunflower oil or any other


Ingredients :

6 – pcs potatoes
1 – onion
3 – tbsp flour
Salt and spices
Vegetable oil

Method :

Preparation of ingredients. At this stage, you need to peel the potatoes and onions. For a piquant aroma, you can add garlic to the potato pancakes. It also needs to be cleaned first. You can use dried garlic as a seasoning

Gently grate the peeled potatoes on a coarse grater. This stage requires skill and speed so that the potatoes do not have time to darken.

Grate the onion as well as the potatoes, then combine both ingredients in one bowl. Excess liquid must be drained. To do this, you need to squeeze the juice from the mass of onions and potatoes. This is necessary so that the potato pancakes do not spread over the entire frying pan during frying

Next, you need to add the egg to the already prepared mass, then add salt (about 0.5 tsp) and other spices to taste. Be sure to check: do you need to add more salt to the pancake mixture? Keep in mind that the amount of salt will vary depending on the size of the potato tubers and individual taste preferences. Consider also what kind of salt you use: extra or regular rock salt

Before adding flour, you should sift it. Then carefully and thoroughly mix with the potato mixture until the desired consistency is achieved. More than 3 liters may be needed. flour. It all depends on the size of the potato and how much liquid it has released

The key to evenly fried potato pancakes is the homogeneous state of the mass before placing it on the frying pan. How to achieve this? The first secret is to sift the flour, the second is to mix it thoroughly until it is as homogeneous as possible without lumps

Before frying, you need to thoroughly heat the frying pan with vegetable oil, after which you carefully spread the potato mixture with a spoon. Please note that your potato pancakes do not remain raw inside; you should not make them too thick. It is better to spread the resulting mass in a thinner layer, then everything will bake evenly and you will get an appetizing crust, typical of classic potato pancakes

When one side is baked, you need to turn the potato pancakes over and fry them until the characteristic golden color on the second side

It is best to serve ready-made pancakes prepared according to the classic recipe with fresh sour cream. You can mix it with chopped dill or other fresh herbs, or add crushed garlic. Regular pancakes are eaten while still hot

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