ingredients :

cream – 100
g; butter – 60 g
sugar – 200 g
water – 50 ml

For filling:
corn flakes – 120 g
peanuts – 100 g
sour cream – 400 g
gelatin, 10 g, and water, 2 tbsp

Method :

Pour gelatin with cold water and let it swell, then heat without boiling!
Grind roasted peanuts with a knife.
In a frying pan, heat water with sugar and bring to a density, then add the butter and knead until smooth.
Mix a third of the caramel with peanuts and spread in a mold.
We ram well with a spatula.
We put the rest of the caramel on the stove and add sour cream, mix with a whisk. Then add gelatin and mix until smooth.
Sprinkle peanuts in caramel with a small layer of flakes and spread a little cream.
Sprinkle again with a layer of cereal and spread the cream on top. Alternate cereal and cream and form the whole cake.
Cover the entire cake with foil and put it in the refrigerator for 3 hours.
We take it out of the mold, remove the film and decorate the cake with chocolate.