Easy Preparing The Best Chicken Soufflé


many people know and prepare chicken soufflé. I’m not an exception. But this time I cooked it in a new way and was taken aback. It turned out very juicy, even though, as everyone knows, chicken fillet without fat is quite dry. This soufflé remains juicy even when cold

You can eat it whole, or cut it into slices and use it in sandwiches


Ingredients :

250 gr – chicken fillet
1 pc – egg
50 gr – cream 10%
salt, spices

Method :

To begin, divide the egg into yolk and white. Leave the whites aside for now. We will need it later

Prepare minced chicken fillet. You can grind it in a blender until fluffy, or grind it through a meat grinder twice

Of course, you know what part of the chicken we use to lose weight (the part without fat). I write so vaguely so as not to get another erroneous restriction

In a cup, mix minced chicken and yolk.

Immediately add salt, spices, and herbs to taste. You can add turmeric or paprika for color

Now pour in the cream

Mix thoroughly

If you have a blender, then you can add all the ingredients except the egg white to its bowl and prepare the soufflé “dough” in one fell swoop

It should turn out pasty

In a separate mixer, beat the egg whites until stiff

Add it to the dough and mix gently with a spoon

The dough is ready!

I put it into molds. You can use small portioned molds. Then it will be convenient to take these portions with you, for example, to work

I have molds with a diameter of ~10-12 cm

And now the main secret. I won’t bake the soufflé in the oven. I’ll steam them

To do this, you can use a double boiler, a pressure cooker, or, like me, one sheet from the pressure cooker

I poured water into a cup and placed a leaf from the pressure cooker on top

I placed the soufflé molds on the sheet and closed them with a tight LID

Cooked after boiling water for 30 minutes

The soufflé released its juice and cooked in it, absorbing it almost completely. That’s why it turned out incredibly juicy

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