A simple cake with condensed milk and sour cream


How to make a delicious simple cake with condensed milk, sour cream, and cranberries


Ingredients :

40 gr – Walnut
1 gr – Vanillin
200 gr – Cranberry
Chocolate for decoration
180 gr – Sour cream
2 pieces – Eggs
0.5 tsp – Soda
1 can of condensed milk
280 gr – Flour
190 gr – Sugar
10 gr – Cocoa
200 gr – Butter

Method :

Place eggs in a bowl. I’m whipping it up. Now sugar. I continue to whisk. Sour cream, soda, and sifted flour. I put the dough in a springform pan. Place in a 180-degree preheated oven for thirty minutes.

For the cream, whip the butter. Gradually add condensed milk. Vanillin for aroma. I cut the cooled sponge cake into two layers. I put the bottom one in the mold and grease it with cream. More cream. You can soak the cake with syrup. Now the cranberries (I used frozen ones). I set aside half of the remaining cream and added cocoa and nuts. I stir

Add half of the remaining biscuit here. I crush it into crumbs with my hands. Place the second half of the biscuit in a second bowl with cream. I make the pieces not too small. I mix and put in the mold

Press firmly with a spoon. Now the part where the cocoa and nuts are. I distribute it and press it down a little too. I decorate the cake with grated chocolate and put it in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours

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